Change SDE-VS Project Location

I’ve just recently installed SDE for Visual Studio 5.0 SP1 - Community Edition, and was “playing” around with it. When I created my first few projects I accepted the default location for the VPP project file. Now, I’d like to change were this information is stored. How do I change the file path where the VPP file is stored? If I can’t change the file path, can I “remove” the SDE-VS project from my VS project, and then create a new SDE-VS project. I don’t need to save the old SDE-VS project, there isn’t that much in it. I’m more concerned with getting the files to the new location.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your post. You can move the SDE project from %VS_project_directory%/vpproject folder to another location, then create a file named “%project_name%.vpppath” inside %VS_project_directory%/vpproject folder, edit the file to enter the path of new location of the SDE project. After that, opening the VS project and open SDE-VS will be able to open the SDE project from specified location.

Hope this helps. If there is any further inquiry, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong