Changing the edition

I’m a student, and i’m developping a project with the Community Edition. This edition is actualized with the 2007-01-10 version.
But now, I try to open the file of my project in the school (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso), with the Standard Edition (2006-08-25 version) and i can’t open the file because there’s an error: “Cannot open this project because its version is newer than the version of VP-UML SE that you are using”.

What can i do to open my project with this Standart Edition?

Hello GMH,

The problem comes from the fact that the version of product you use at school is different from that the project saved from. I suggest you contact your school to upgrade to the latest version, or install the latest version at your school, and run with the Community Edition key.

Best regards,