Class Attribute Entry in Sleek UI

Not sure if this should be classified as a bug but I recently explored the Sleek UI and I do like the cleaner arragement.

However, a deal-breaker for me was that I can’t continuously add attributes in classes in class diagrams. That is, I have a class and add an attribute. In the classic UI, once I hit Enter, the UI creates the next attribute so that I can continue to enter attributes without breaking focus. In Sleek UI, focus of that class is lost immediately and so I have to re-focus the class and add the next attribute manually again.

Hi d6chung,

We haven’t change this in Sleek UI and I confirm we can use the enter key to create new attributes. May I know what is the build number of VP you are using?

Best regards,
Rain Wong

It appears that the issue was resolved because I can no longer reproduce the issue. Not sure if something was fixed or I was experiencing an anomaly. I’ll provide an update if it comes up again – I’ll switch to Sleek UI now to see how things go.