Class diagram -> abstract classes problem

I have created on abstract class.
with one abstract method in it.

When I create the diagram for the class that extends the abstract class and actually implements the abstract method should I not be able to modify that method accordingly.

All inhereted methods/properties are in there(including the abstract one) but if I modify something it modifies the original abstract class as well.

On the one hand it is clear that this class implements the abstract method I don’t need to do anything but…it just looks empty. And it should be there because it exists (it implements the abstract class.)

How could I depict this more clearly.

Thank you in advance for spending time. Hope what I am talking about makes sense.

Hi hitur,

Do you mean that you want to hide the inherited abstract method in subclasses? If so, please open the specification dialog box of the subclass, open the Operation tab and uncheck Show inherited. All inherited methods will be hidden.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,