Class Diagram HELP!

Hi guys,

I have a case that I need to model using a class diagram, but as I am a complete and utter beginner I’m really stumped as to how to begin this. If anyone could help me out in regards to identifying classes and possible attributes it would be much appreciated.

The case is:

A web design company, called Webmedia, is organised in 4 departments: the HR (Human Resources), the Graphic Designers, the Developers and the Managers. Each employee may work in one or two Departments and is under the supervision of only one manager.

Additional important information to be recorded for each employee includes the name, surname and age as well as the paid leave allowance per year (number of paid days the employee can take as leave).

An employee can request leave. There are 3 different types of leave that can be requested: holiday leave, sick leave or unpaid leave. Holiday leave is paid at the rate the employee usually earns, while all sick leaves are paid at a fixed rate of $50 per day. All leaves need to be signed off by the employee’s manager before they can be processed by HR.

Thanks in advance!

Any help at all really would be appreciated, even just a rough outline of possible classes and sub-classes I should consider using…

I working on same system, if i get anything i’ll mail it o u