[Class Diagram] How can we to set the nullability of attributes?

We have created a class diagram that we are using to generate an ERD and the DDL for a SQL Server database (via NHibernate). We are hoping to also generate C# code.

Is it possible to set the nullability of a database column by changing the attribute in the class diagram? If so, can you please explain how to accomplish this? Or does the database take the nullability of the attribute type in whichever programming language I’ve specified?

e.g. I have a string (C# primitive) that I would like to be not null in the database. Currently the DDL is creating a nullable column.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Abbas,

Thanks for your post. Nullability is database related so it should be specified in ERD. You can simply multi-select the columns on entity, right-click on the columns and turn off/on Nullable in the popup menu.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong