Class Diagram/Hyperlinks

Hello team,

is it possible to declare the class name as a hyperlink in a class diagram?

Thanks for your help

Hi teoz,

Currently shape name cannot be used as hyperlink. The closest you can do is to insert link to the description of shape, leave the description pane open (by selecting the “Show Description” button located at bottom-right of the window). Whenever you select the shape, you can hover the link in the description, press and hold the Ctrl key and click it to open.


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Thank you for the fast answer ;).
Too bad that does not work would be a cool feature. I thought that maybe you could insert the link in the XMI file or something.
I still have one question. Is it possible to insert a link so that it also appears in the generated PDF?

Many thanks for the help.

Yes, the hyperlinks will be available in the generated PDF