Class diagram keeps deleted models causing failures

Class diagram continues to keep trace of deleted models (in my case REST APIs).
There is no trace of the deleted objects in the diagram navigation tree, but in the specifications of the diagram they continue to be listed, and I did not found a way to remove them.
These phantom items cause failures in REST API generation and also cause dirty information to be produced in the documentation.

Is there a way to clear these spurious information?

Hi LibAdri,

Thank you for your inquiry. A model element may exist in different diagrams or being used by other elements. A typical example is a class being used by an attribute as its type. In other words, it can be normal for a viewless element to exist in the project. May I know the type of those model elements? Are they classes or something else? Could you provide me with some screenshots about your case?

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Hi Jack,
thank you for replying.
In the meantime I went further and found that the issue disappears on mac with the new default perspective.
The issue occurs on windows using the old standard perspective. The model elements involved are REST services.