Class diagram layout


I’ve reverse engineered some java code (approx. 40 classes spread over several packages) and am trying to create a decent class diagram showing the relationships between the classes.

However, no matter which automatic layout I try the diagram always ends up much larger than it needs to be (huge spaces bewteen classes) and impractical to print, even using the compact layout.

Are there any hints/tips people have to help layout these kinds of diagrams?
I’m not looking for the auto-layout to do everything, but at least give me a half-done diagram to work with. Or should I just give up and layout everything by hand from scratch?



Hello benjy,

Please try to customize the layout by decreasing the Layout Grid Size.

  1. Right-click on the diagram and select Layout > Customized
  2. Reduce the Layout Grid Size
  3. Repeat the above steps until the diagram match your need.

Best regards,