Class diagram operation parameters: in, out, inout and templates


In VP-UML 5.1 Build 20060116d it is possible to declare operation parameters as in, out, or inout parameters.

Is there a way to get this shown in the class diagram, such as

+ operation( in p1 : int, out p2 : bool) : int


I have also seen the possibility to declare template parameters not only for classes but for single operations as well.

Again, can this template parameter be shown?

I have not seen this in any UML 2.0 documentation yet, so I do not know if there is an UML 2.0-conform way of displaying this at all.

Thanks a lot!

Hi Julian,

Sorry for not having replied your message. I would like to notify you that the two issues you raised are solved in the new version. Please advance to the new version and try showing the template parameter and parameter direction by changing the corresponding options from the popup menu of class.

For details, please take a look at the attachment.

Best Regards,