Class diagram , self class relation only

Quite new into UML and into VP.
Having trouble with class diagram.Whenever i try to make a relation with two classes with the side menu options , the relation is made like this :Στιγμιότυπο%20οθόνης%20-%2012112012%20-%2002%3A14%3A29%20μμ.png

Any solutions.

BTW while typing it came to mind that i can use the class menu above the classes for any relation between classes, however i like using the left side menu.

It looks like you just “click” on the class after picking the association tool. A single click will simply create a self association. After picking the association tool please press on the source class, drag to the target class and release the mouse button. This will create the association. Alternatively you can simply drag out the association resource icon (surround the class) and drop it on the target class to create association. You can find out more details about the resource centric interface at

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Yeah , i figure it out that i was doing it wrong.
I thought clicking to the source then to the target would do it.
Thanx anyway :lol: