Class diagram with abstract class and generalization relationship

I am doing some revision for an exam last week using past papers where I have encountered difficulties answering the following question:

Draw a class diagram representing a book defined by the following statement " A book is composed of a number of parts, which are in turn composed of a number of chapters. Chapters are composed of sections. A book includes a publisher, publication date, and an ISBN. A part includes a title and number. A chapter includers a title, a number, and an abstract. A section includes a title and number." Note that Part, Chapter, and Section classes all include a title and a number attribute. Add an abstract class and a generalization relationship to factor out these two attributes into the abstract class.

Below is a copy of the class diagram that I have attempted although I am unsure if the abstract class and generalization relationship are set correctly and I would therefore appreciate any feedback or help that you can offer me. Thanks.

I have now added the bitmap showing my attempt at the class diagram which was not working when i tried to include as an image. Thanks