Class Diagrams Basics

Hi guys,

I’m currently doing my masters in computer engineering, I just need some help regarding UML.

I must complete a c++ project, but I also must submit the classes done in visual paradigm.

I have started by linking the various classes, is this the correct way to complete it? Also, when linking, which type do I use. There are generalization, realization, dependencies etc…

I’m just confused where to put what, thanks in advance.

Hi Denny,

I recommend you either get a book on UML or watch these UML videos: (Look at the “uploads” section on the right.)

For starters, a generalization means inheritance (the arrow points from the subclass to the superclass). Realization means realizations of interfaces as found in Java. Dependencies might be useful in some places, but you may want to add some associations.

A general hint: Don’t overdo it; only put the information into the diagram you need. If you try to put everything you know into a class diagram, it can become overloaded (not in the OOP sense :slight_smile: ).