Class Divider Lines


when I create a new class in a class diagram, and add one operation, I end up with only one divider line (between the class name and the operation). The resulting shape is that of an Interface, not a class, which is confusing for my students (and me :shock: )

Is there an option to always draw (at least) 2 divider lines (or none) in a class shape, even if there are only operations or attributes?

Maybe I haven’t found it?


Dear Matthias,

You can right click on the blank area of your class diagram, and select Presentation Options > Class Member Display Options > Show Class Empty Compartments to have the empty compartment show up. You can also specify it as default setting for newly created diagrams under Tools > Project Options > Diagramming > Class > Presentation.

Feel free to contact me for any questions.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

… I have since found the option that addresses the problem:

Tools/Project Options…/Diagramming/Class/Presentation => tick Show empty compartments