Class libruary

Hi just wondered if there were any class libruaries available to import into a project or do you have to write your own version?
I am working on my first projecta nd will be using the .net serial port class , just wanted to know the best way of representing this class in a diagram?

Dear RedDeerPie,

Sorry but I do not quite understand your post. You ask if there are any class libraries for import into a project. What kind of libraries do you want (code? VP project?) and what is the purpose for the library?

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Thanks for your reply Jick

sorry for the confusion, i’m trying to model an existing class and wondered if there were class diagrams available in libruaries that could be added to a project .

sorry for the confusion
are there any libruaries of existing classes ?

Hi user,

What are the classes that you are talking about?

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an example would be the serialport classes in

many thanks .

it will be easy for me to model but i just wondered if there libraries available?

Sorry, but we do not have the library you needed

Thank you for your reply
that’s ok I’ll model any existing classes as a seperate package .

You’re welcome :slight_smile: :slight_smile: