Classes to entities?

Hello there –

While I have designed small solutions for a dozen years, handling the projects from end to end on my own, I am only now running up against projects of a size that calls for more formalized modeling and documentation.

So, I’m a rank beginner at UML.

One thing I notice is that almost always a Class will translate into an Entity (db table) in an ERD, and Attributes translates into Columns.

Is there a way in Agilian to convert a Class model into an ERD, and then make any necessary adjustments from there? Or do I have to re-define, for examples, the Customer class as a Cusomter entity and retype all the attributes as columns, the Invoice class as an Invoice entity and retype all those columns, and so on?

Thanks in advance for answering my beginners Q.


Hi kazar,

Synchronization between class models and entity models is considered as an advanced data modeling feature, and is supported in DB-VA, VP-UML Enterprise Edition and SDE Enterprise Edition. Agilian support class and data modeling, but not the synchronization between them. As a suggestion, you may try VP-UML Enterprise Edition. For details, please read:

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thank you … unfortunately as a “one-man” shop I could never afford the full product, and would never have the need for all the code generation or many other things in the full package. (I develop with Servoy and therefore don’t need to generate code.) $300 or thereabouts is my limit, so I will stick to Agilian or some other similar product…

thank you!