Clicking is not work and the problem of black screen

I’ve downloaded and installed Visual Paradigm CE 16.1. When I clicked “open” for the first time, it actually works. But when I clicked ‘maximize’, the window had become black, and I could not close it. And the second time I opened it, no matter where I clicked, there was no reaction, but clicking ‘maximize’ still let it become a black window. What could be wrong?
I’m using windows 10 64bit on a LENOVO lap top 20L 5A02NCD.
Thanks in advance.

Hi rann_rann,

We are sorry for the problem you got. Could you provide log file for us to further investigate?

If possible, please send it to:
and include the link to this post in the email.

In the meanwhile, we guess your problem related to Look and Feel.
You may try to change L&F to Metal LookAndFeel and restart Visual Paradigm CE.

Best Regards,