Code generation community edition


I’m using eclipse 2.1.3. I have installed Visual Paradigm SDE Ver 1.1 Community Edition (Smart Development Environment Community Edition for Eclopse 1.1) as eclipse-plugin.

Is in the version of SDE I’m using the feature “Update UML Model” (it does mean “generate UML-Diagramm”) enabled? I can’t use this very useful feature. Or is this feature not available for community edition?



Hi rosmi,

The "Update UML Model’ is specifically for Real-time code engineering which does not feature in VP-SDE Community Edition.

A comparision of VP-SDE for Eclipse/IBM Websphere editions is viewable here:

The only benefit of having the Community Edition of the SDE’s is to be able to view the UML Diagram and the code at the same time - there are no code engineering/re-engineering tools. If you need these tools, then you will need to get the Professional Edition. You can try out the Professional Edition for 30 days if need be.

Hope this answers your question.