Code generation not quite working


When going through my design model and trying to generate code I found it only partially worked.

I’ve some classes that have several private data members that were simple types such as string, int etc that simply weren’t generated. All I got out were the class and method declarations.

I’d generated a blank VB project and expected to be able to generate full classes, not partial ones.

Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong?

I’m using SDE Professional .net on Windows XP Professional.



Currently, “SDE for Visual Studio .net 2003” Professioanl Edition does not fully supported on code engineering of VB .net language.

It is sorry about that.

But this feature will be available soon.



Is there any due date for VB code generation availability?

If I purchase SDE now can I get that feature later for free or I need to purchase maintenance too in order to get VB code generation?