Column domains linkage broken after synchronize to physical from logical

Create column domains and assign them to the logical column domain.

Then synchronize to physical ERD.

If first time synchronizing will not be any issue. But 2nd time onwards will leave logical column domain as <Unspecified>.

Thank you for your inquiry and I’m sorry about the problem you experienced. I’ve forwarded the details for our engineers to follow up. Please be patient and I’ll keep you posted with any updates. Wish you have a good day!

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I would like to let you know the column loss domain after sync to Physical ERD problem has been fixed. Please update the software to latest patch build (20221110ag or later) to get the problem fixed. Details about update to latest patch can be found at

  • Please make sure you have pressed the “Update to latest patch” button on the left hand side of the dialog right after launching the update program

Feel free to contact me if you require any further information.

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