Command-line generation

Hello !

I’m trying to generate code by command line.
Using InstantGenerator.bat, I get “No element is selected”, and no code is generated.
The documentation does not give any indication of how to select elements to generate. The vpp I use is an empty project in which an XMI has been (successfully) imported.

Using JavaCodeSync.bat, I cannot specify the special generation template I wish to use.

Generation through the UI works fine, but I need it to be automated.

Does anyone have an idea of why it does not work ?

Apparently, I have to select the classes to generate through the UI, generate once manually there, and save the project. Only then I can use the command-line :frowning:

Dear antoinebj,

Thanks for your message. We are sorry that currently we do not support specifying which classes will be included in the code generation using no-UI options. I’ll discuss with our engineers about this issue and get back to you shortly. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Best regards,