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Hi, I have a question, is there a limited number of commit’s on the modeler version? Our users report that after five attempts they receive a message about the use of the daily limit.


There are no limitation on number of commits with valid modeler license.
You can confirm the license in admin page:

Please aware that each license can only associate with one teamwork member.

Users are shown such messages
They have modeler licenses. Could the reason be the difference between the server version and the desktop? We have various built version.

Hi @MariusMi,

Did you check the license manager to make sure the correct license is associated with the workspace?
Select Window -> License Manager -> Product.

The license is everything ok. The problem may be with communication computer -> server . The server does not recognize the license despite the correct connection. When I change the professional license is ok
Where can the problem be?
[2019/06/07 09:41:22] [message] Teamwork revision in VPP: 8

[2019/06/07 09:41:23] [error] error message from server As a Community Edition user, you can only commit 5 times per day.



Can you still reproduce the problem? If yes, can you check the license in server admin page?
And can you confirm that the license only associated with single teamwork member?

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It looks like the problem is on our side. Remote connection to the server does not recognize the license. We will verify what is going on. As for the license, the modeler is not assigned to specific users. We have one for all employees. Details know Rain.

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