Community Edition - Watermark on image even though only one diagram of each type used

I am getting extreme watermarks when trying to preview printing of my diagrams.

You have the note in the product page:

Community Edition: If there is more than one diagram of any diagram type, there will be a pattern watermark when export to image or copy and paste to other applications, or else a watermark with text “non-commercial use only” will appear at the top left corner of image.

Now this is not the case in my project, because if I add another diagram I get a warning:

You are going to create more than one diagram per diagram type in Community Edition, which will cause all output in this project to have a watermark. Are you sure?

Right now I have no more than one diagram per diagram type in my project, but I am still getting watermarks.
Is there a way to fix this?

The watermarks (really overdone by the way), say Visual Paradigm Community Edition [evaluation copy], but I have a key for this edition. From what I understand, the CE version is simply for non-commercial use with a few less features than the Modeler Edition, but it seems like the output component/functionality is seriously crippled. Also, it would be nice if I could completely hide all the unusable features from the menu and not just gray them out.

Another question; any chance there is a “Developer Edition” coming? Basically a Modeller edition but with more code-related features, so the Pro version minus the functionality added in the Standard Edition.

Hello Alangiv,

Besides create more than one diagram per type, executed features which is not supported in Community Edition will also causing the project print with pattern watermarks (and we also prompt you with a warning dialog before you proceed).

There is no way to recover the project by yourself, but you can send us your project for fixing. We can help you to fix the project for once. You can contact our support team for help.

You can hide out the non-supported features by go to Tools > Options > General > Edition and uncheck the Enable non-supported-features checkbox.

For the moment we don’t have plan on Developer Edition. Feel free to contact me for further queries.

Best regards,

++ for the watermarks being overdone. I understand that the community edition must have fewer features than tha paid-for ones but only one diagram is quite a massive restriction and those watermarks really make it impossible to work with the output. I think you should consider allowing something like 3 diagrams of each type or at least change the watermarks so that that the diagram is still readable.


The company suffers when people trying out the free version are unable to demonstrate the diagrams in business meetings. The watermark quantity is fine, but the dark grey colour makes the images useless.

I suggest making the watermark colour very light grey. This way, it is always visible, but never obstructs the actual diagram: so software architects will be able to present the diagrams in business meetings, allowing all the audience to view the brilliance of Visual Paradigm.

After all, the company can gain customers the most through word-of-mouth spread of awareness as a marketing channel.

Thanks for your comment and we will consider about this. BTW, corporate customers can always contact our support team ( for help on this topics.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Hi folks,

for anyone having the problem that you cannot remove the watermarks after you have created two diagrams of the same type (even if you delete the second diagram):

You can just export the diagram to xml (file>export), create a new project and import the xml file. After that, the watermark is removed from the diagram output.

Great tool btw.


Import feature is disabled in the latest community release. The app is not usable for me and I will not become a future customer because of the severe restrictions you place on the community edition

Hi user,

Frankly speaking, I am pretty surprise when reading your reply because of two reasons:

  • We are indeed trying to make the Community Edition more “usable”. There were few things that we have done in the past year. First, we enabled users to create multiple diagrams per any diagram type. Second, there won’t be pattern watermark anymore. Watermark is just a single-lined watermark.

  • The XML import feature you said disabled is still enabled and usable. We have never ever disabled that. Did you overlook this feature in the new Sleek UI? You can find it from the toolbar - Project > Import.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung