Community -> Modeler Edition


If I buy the Modeler edition, will the diagrams modeled on the Community Edition be readable/printable with the the Modeler Edition ?


Hello Oodini,

Sure the diagrams you developed in Community Edition is fully compatible with the purchased Modeler Edition, and of course it will not have watermarks in printout. Feel free to contact me for any questions.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

I know, the Question got ask a few month ago, but perhaps it helps somenone else!

Go to
*\Visual Paradigm for UML CE 10.1\resources

and open the file “” with an Text-Editor.

Change “edition=Modeler” to “edition=Community”.

Save and restart VP. Done!

Hi user,

Thank you for your post. However, your suggestion is not a recommended. If user want to run the community edition, please download the installer at:

For user who want to run the other editions, please download the product installer at:

Best regards,
Jick Yeung