Compilation Issues after C++ Code Generation


While testing SDE4.2 for VS, we came across some problems… Here is our example:

We made a class diag including one ClassA with an attribut i:int and an operation Print().
Then we built a state machine diag including one state to test the Print() operation (details shown in attached image)…

After that, we generated the source code from these diagrams(Modeling>StateMachineCode>GenerateCode)
and we integrated the created files in the workspace (display in SolutionExplorer Pane).

When we wanted to build the solution, so many errors occured, all of them being related to the generated files…
The fact is that we did not modify them and we do not understand why the links between the generated files are bad.
You can refer to the attached zip to check the debug report.

Would you take a look in this (quite simple) example and give us any suggestion to help us complete it?

Many thanks!!!


Hi SimExt,

Thanks for your post. Your question is replied in the ticket system, please check your ticket.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong