Component diagram: Use intereface of sub class diagram


my question is: Can I use an <<interface>> of a class diagram as the realisation interface of a super component diagram?

I am using the facade pattern, so I am designing clear interfaces within the class diagram. I’d love to use these <<interfaces>> of the class diagram within my component diagram so the component diagram inherits the interface and changes while i change the class diagram.

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Hi Malte,

Sorry but I don’t get what is the <> you refer to, can you explain further? Thank you very much.


Sorry, I figured out it is our forum migration problem makes certain words disappear. I know you are referring to the <<interface>>.

Yes, by default an interface created in Component Diagram is shown as ball shape, to make it a normal box shape like in Class Diagram, just select Presentation Options -> Class from the popup menu. I hope this answers your question.

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