Component orientation

Is there a way to rotate either an entire piece (like a component in a component diagram) or at least the text inside the piece? If I have a component with a long name it would be nice to be able to use vertical space instead of horizontal space for the name some times.
Also, in a component diagram, the component name will be partially overlapped by a port at the top of the component unless you bring the component to the front and thus partially hide the port. Is there any way to reposition the component name so that it does not overlap the port?


Hi a tokish,

Thank you for posting. A present, we support aligning connector text with connector (read the reference link below) but not rotating shape or shape name. But your suggestion of rotating shape name is good. I would like to know, do you want to support rotating shape name freely, or rotate to specific angle (e.g. 45/90/135…)?

By the way, we support automatic line wrapping for shape name. If you do not find this ready in your application, please consider upgrading to the latest version.

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Align Connector Caption Base on Connector Orientation

Well, I am trying to accomplish several things, but to answer your question first: 45 degree incremenets would be sufficient for my needs. Obviously free rotate provides more flexibility but I don’t have any real need for it at the moment.

I would also like to be able to rotate the text in a text box because I am using rectanlges and lines to draw zone demarcations in deployment diagrams and would like to be able to label the zones with vertical text down the side of the diagram.

I also want to be able to label the vertical joins in my state diagrams, which I could accomplish with the text box rotation mentioned above (I’m already using text boxes for the horizontal joins), but I would prefer to be able to make the join names visible.

Hi a tokish,

We will support rotating text in shape at Agilian 2.0 Service pack 1 or not later than version 2.1. As per text box, you probably can achieve it with our Freehand Text shape, newly available in version 2.0 (just released last week).

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