Composition structure diagram & interactions

Refer to page 511 (Figure 14.22) & page 514 (Figure 14.25) in UML superstructure specification 2.2.
(For convenient, the 2 figures can be saw in attachments)

The 2 examples shows that interactions can be put into a class in composite structure diagrams.
VP-UML didn’t provide a way to add a compartment to a class which contains interactions.
Although we can add sub-diagrams for a class, this feature is still not visualizable in a diagram.

It’s really important when we want to see what interactions are refered by a given class quickly, especially when we are reading a hard-copy.
Perhaps VP-UML can add a functionality for adding compartments to a class in composite structure diagrams, and then allows users to drag interaction diagrams(sequence, communication, and timinig diagrams) to there.



Hi Tinlans,

Thanks for your post and the details, I’ve forwarded the details to our engineers to follow-up. If there is any news, I’ll notify you immediately.

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