Concise documentation generation


Trying to use PDF/Doc generation features we met the problem of their size. A lot of space is spent for printing chapter names and two-column tables presenting model element properties under given chapter (for example, chapter presenting use case name and following two-column table presenting (even selected) parameters of an use case) this making the document not readable not to mention about paper usage when printing is necessary.

How about including into template a model element “ascetic loop” that would present selected model element features in multi-column table, where columns would present selected model element properties and rows (excluding the header) model elements included into the loop ? That would greatly decrease documentation size while keeping its content at the same level.

Best regards, Artur

Hi Artur,

If I understand your need correctly we should be supporting the properties table you requested already. Please take a look at the attached image. You can see a table with columns of properties, and rows of element names.

Do you want this kind of table but just without the heading?

Best regards,


Hi Jick,

Thanks for the answer! That’s exactly what I meant :slight_smile:

Best regards, Artur