Concurrent Collaboration Diagram

Two questions about Collaboration Diagrams:

1: Whenever I select message to or message from it as a default places a single digit for the ordering. I was wondering if there was a way to edit these so that you could do something like A1 or B1 instead of just 1. I need to create a Concurrent collaboration diagram, so I need two different currents in the diagram.

2: Is there a way to move text in the object boxes? Its hard to read more complex diagrams if the text can’t be moved.

  • Joseph Rosensweig

Well Joseph,

I have two answers for you on Collaboration Diagrams:

1: Mt. Airy and Winton Woods owned you.

2: You were also owned by Smith both times.

  • A. Hitler

P.S. sounds like you don’t really need two different currents in your diagram; c’mon, CDs aren’t that tough!