Conditional sequences in sequence diagram

I am interested in being able to specify conditions on sequences, denoting that a path is followed only when a specific condition is true. This is shown in figure 3-56 of the UML Specification 1.4.

According to the specification, in the following example, foo(x) would only get executed if x was greater than 0.

[x>0] foo(x)

Does Visual Paradigm support this functionality?

Indeed I found the same fustration as well… its actually… to me quite important… as it shows the completeness of the flow inside sequence diagram. I have tried other products they have such feature as well (e.g. Objecteering)

This feature is not available in VPUML, however will be implemented in the near future.

For now, I suggest using a “Note” to explain what you want to do.

What is the problem in defining the condition before the description of the message ? I write the condition and after the message or the method that the message calls.