Configuration, Configure Default Tagged Values

Hi Team,
Facing a problem and looking for a solution.

  1. Create a Project
  2. Create/configure Tagged values at Project level through Window->Configuration->Configure.
  3. Import a project which has few Class diagrams

After the above steps is done, we want the Tagged Values configured above to be forced on the Classes which gets imported.

Can you please let me know how that can be done.
Thanks and Regards

Hi Nikhil,

I suggest below steps

  1. open the project to be selected to be imported from
  2. Configure Default Tagged Values
    when close “Configure Default Tagged Value” dialog
    we will ask “Apply New Default Tagged Values” and answer “Yes”.
  3. import modified project

Best Regards,


Hi Roy,
I understand this can be done.
But is there no way we can ‘Configure Default Tagged Values’ before Importing the Project and apply those Tagged Values in the Project during import process or after the Import has been done?
Let me know.