Connection String for SQL Server 2016 Database

Trying to connect to 2016 SQL Server database in the Enterprise.

2 issues:
Where is the file installed for the “Microsoft SQL Server (JTDS Driver)” what is the full filename and path for this driver?
I did not find this driver file after searching all of the subfolders in C:\Program Files\Visual Paradigm 16.0

I was able to download a jtds.jar file and try and use it to connect to the database. That connection did not work.
Here was my connection string:
jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://DBSERVERNAME:PORTNUM /DBNAME
I made proper substitutions for the Servername, portnumber & DBName.

Hi RLN88360,

You can click download button or specify your own jtds.jar.
What error you got? Is your server support SQL Server Authentication?

This forum interface does not show the text I have in my reply that reflects my previous attempts to login. Unsure why that is happening. (??)

Hi RLN88360,

I got your message, it treated as HTML so you need to use Preformatted Text or prepend with 4 spaces.
You can click the download button and it’ll show as <<jTDS 1.3.1>>.

It seems that you’re using Window Authentication, please read this knowhow for details of using SQL Authentication and Windows Authentication:

If still fail, please try Test Connection, it’ll show error dialog if failed, please click Show Details and attach the details.

Here is what I have tried so far (with substitutions where needed)

1st Option
Driver  MS SQL Server (jTDS Driver)
Driver File \Desktop\jtds.jar     (downloaded the driver)
Connection URL: 
Hostname <OurServerName>
Database Name <OurDBName>
User   <my Windows login>     pw  <my windows pw>

2nd Option
Driver   MS SQL Server (jTDS Driver)
Driver File  \Desktop\jtds.jar     (downloaded the driver)
Connection URL
jdbc:jtds:sqlserver //<servername>/<dbname>
User    <my Windows login>     pw  <my windows pw>