Connector formating

I frequently use the VP-UML feature, that allows to create connectors(favorite connectors menu). There is possibility to add color, line style and arrow head. Is it possible to add options for adding default values for connector style and pin, so in my case, I would like the connector style to be curved and pin both ends automatically. At this moment I do these changes to connector every time I create one.

I tried to use ‘format copier’, but it dont work very well for the connector. Maybe this could be also improoved, at this moment 'format copier' doesnt copy:
*) arrow head;
*) connector style;
*) pin option;
*) etc.

Hello JSejans,

You can set default for connector style and pin status from the Options dialog box (Tools > Options). Please see the image.

What concern me more is the format copier. I will forward your reported problem to our engineers.

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About defaults, I meant that it would be nice if in the menu where the new favorite connectors is created these both defaults could be set. So if I use ‘description’ connector it is curved if I use ‘attention’ connector then it is rectangular etc.
But you gave me a clue, that maybe I can set Option defaults then create all needed connectors and then set Option to other defaults :slight_smile: nj…maybe it is still easier to repeat the actions for each connector.

Anyway the format copier will be improoved and maybe then I`ll use it. Thanks!

Hello JSejans,

We will support both of your suggestion. But the one that allow user to set pinning status and connector styles in Format Line dialog box may take some time. Anyway, I will contact you once the feature is done.

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Dear JSejans,

This is a note to inform you that the fix for format copier is now available in Service Pack 2, which is just released. Therefore, I would like to suggest you upgrade to the latest version.

To upgrade, please run the product updater inside the bin folder of VP Suite installation directory (or BP-VA installation directory for users who installed with BP-VA installer).

You may want to know more about the new and enhanced feature in Service Pack 2:

Please feel free to let me know if you need any help.

Best regards,