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Hi all.

I am in my first year at Uni doing IT.
I have an assignment which is to draw a context diagram and then a DFD, and question 3 is PDL ofr a case study we have been given.

I was unsure if this context diagram which I have drawn up is right, I dont want to loose marks for silly things which I havnt noticed, so if you could, could you tell me if this looks about right?

Here is the case study:

  1. Lucky Leisure is an entertainment superstore located in Newcastle. The company sells cassettes, CDs, DVDs, videotapes, books, and magazines to corner shops and garages. Sales of these products to corner shops and garages have been growing rapidly.

  2. Wholesale customers (i.e., corner shops and garages) call in their orders by telephone. A sales assistant first checks the customer details in the customer file, and then takes orders and inputs them into the system. An order must relate to one customer, and a customer can place many orders. Any changes in customer details are recorded in the customer file. Sales assistants can take many orders.

  3. Each order indicates one or more of Lucky Leisure’s products desired by the customer, and the quantity of each product ordered. The sales assistant has the ability to check the inventory file at the time the order is placed. Thus, orders are placed only for “in stock” products. Suppliers regularly send new stock which is received by the stores department and the inventory file is updated accordingly.

  4. After the order has been entered, a copy of the order is faxed (or emailed) to the customer as confirmation of the order. This order acknowledgment does not constitute an invoice - customers are sent an invoice in the post when the order is packed for delivery.

  5. Products ordered before noon are usually delivered to the customer the same business day; products ordered after noon are usually shipped the next business day.

  6. A clerk in the warehouse department first retrieves the order details from the system, picks the products on each order from the warehouse shelves, and packages them to be delivered to the customer. The clerk then creates an invoice which (s)he sends to the customer. The clerk also creates a delivery document indicating the products packaged and the delivery company who will actually deliver the products to the customer. Lucky Leisure uses any one of five different delivery companies. A delivery company can be involved with one or more deliveries, but each delivery is assigned to only one delivery company. The invoice that is posted to the customer indicates the amount to be paid by the customer.

  7. Periodically, the company accounts department receives cheques in the mail from customers as payment of invoices. A copy of the invoice (or the invoice number on the cheque) accompanies incoming cheques. The cashier records the payment in the system and generates a receipt that is mailed to the customer. Each cheque is deposited into one of three bank accounts operated by Lucky Leisure

Here is my context diagram:

I have also attached it if the link doesnt work.

Does this contain the information needed?

Thanks for your help and reading this :):slight_smile:


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