Converting to class diagram

for an assignment i am doing, i have to create a class diagram for the following data:
A family consists of a father John, a mum Jane, 2 sons Peterand Paul, 2 daughters beth and Mary. john is an actor, jane a dentist and children are students, and family dog is lassie. family doctor is alice. family owns a house in suburbs. mowing the lawn is a chore for the father however the children will mow it if they’re paid. Jack works within the district, a pro lawnmower.

One morning, Jane notices that the lawn needs mowing, so she mentions to John that it is time to mow the lawn. John agrees and says that he will mow the lawn this evening. Later that evening, John comes home exhausted from a long day at the drama studio and decides to pay one of his children to mow the lawn. He asks Mary to mow the lawn for £5. Mary agrees; however, Mary knows that Jack, a professional lawn mower, will mow the lawn for £4. Mary therefore calls Jack who agrees to mow the lawn that day. Jane comes home later that evening and sees the lawn is mown. Thinking that John has mowed the lawn; she compliments him on its neat appearance.

i have studied my notes and examples on the internet but im not sure of how to set it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated