Copy a class without Reference


how can I copy a class from a classDiagramm in another package without the Reference from the old Package?

For example I have a package Job, there are a class person now I want the same class in the package school. When I copy the class, I don’t can change one class without changing the other class. is there a way to do that. Or must I create the class a second time, when I want to do that?

HI schuetzejanett,

The behavior you described is the default one. However, you can paste as a new instance by right-clicking on the diagram and select Paste Model.

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Thanks for this help

My pleasure! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I have still a question to this theme.
What is with attributes which are used in several class, can I copy they on the same way. Because in a lot of classes I used a int value errorcode. And I want to create and spezify this attribute one time and then marks it and copy and paste in the other class, where this attribute needet.

How can I make this?

Hi schuetzejanett,

I believe “Move/Copy Members” is what you are looking for.

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