Copy and paste class attributes or operations from one class to the next

I’m evaluating VP-UML 7.1 (Build 20091003); Is there a easy way to copy one attribute or operation from one class to the next? Specifically, I have a class P that has an descendant D; Class P has an abstract operation “+DoSomething()”; I would like to copy that from P to D and remove the “abstract” mark. Apparently the only way is to type the whole declaration all over again in the descendant class! If I select the operation and hit “CTRL+C” the whole class is being copied. I can also right-click on the operation, hit “Duplicate” then drag the duplicate to the descendant class and remove the “2” that was appended by Duplicate to the name, but that’s a bit of work and doesn’t make for fast drawing.

Or maybe I have it wrong: is there a better supported UML way of say “This operation is Abstract in that class but is defined in the other class”?

Thank you,
Cosmin Prund

I believe what you are trying to do conveys your intention clearly. Personally, I haven’t seen it modelled any other way.

I too have encountered this issue and haven’t found a way around doing additional work to draw leaf classes. Indeed, it would be nice if children classes have the ability to inherit their parent’s members.

Hi Cosmin Prund, D6chung,

Thanks for your post. You can drag the class members on a class and drop them to another class by pressing CTRL key when release your mouse button. You can also right-click on class and select Move/Copy Members in popup menu for copying the class members.
Please refer to the flash movie in the following link for how to move and copy class members from one class to another:

Hope this helps. Should you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong