Create object type in class model an synchronize into E/R model (postgresql 8.0)

Hi, I’m a consultant of IT, and i testing VP-UML 6.3. The question is:

I’m create a Class model and this one of the class use and complex datatype (object); i create the data type (a class), an asign this type to the attribute, but when i’m synchronize into E/R model, the tool (vp) not create the data type and not asign the datatype to the field.

I use the ORM persistable estereotype, and ORM component and is not working.

What can I do.

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Frank Quero

Hi Frank Quero,

Thanks for your post. The attribute in class in is mapped to the column in the entity in ERD, and the supported type of column is restricted by the database, therefore you cannot use the class as the datatype of the attribute.

In order to define the datatype in column, you need to use connector (association) and role name for the classes.

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Lilian Wong

Thank You for your answer, but that’s not the solution what I need; I tray explaint, this.

I need to create a type (object, complex type) in database, and create a table with a column with that type (complex data type), the solution that you send me create a table with 8 fields , I need a field with a complex type, how I cansynchronize from class model to E/R model, with that features.

Please excuse my english.

Best Regards.

I have another problem, now I can’t synchronize with the ER, this one show in blank.


Hi Frank Quero,

Thanks for replying. As the database may not support class-like complex datatype as a column, you need to change the datatype from attribute implementation to association implementation. The data model will automatically use the foreign key to present the relationship.

Regarding to the synchronizing to ERD problem, would you mind sending your project to me for investigation? Thanks in advance!
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Lilian Wong