Create seq_diag from java , with explosion of private methods


from java source I make a great number o sequence diagram.
that’s rigth, but I have seen that the diagram do not “exploded” call to private methods classes.
I make an exanple.
We suppose a class MyClass with public methods go. this i s entry point for diagram. Rigth.
The go( ) call

  • another private method MyClass.do1( )
  • a public method of another class AntherClass.make( )

the methos do1( ) contains very important logic (nested call,calucalte,…), for this I need in the diagram

** The problem **
The diagram product from reverse do not “exploded” do1 (), only trace a call

I have tried declaring Public the method do1(). It is the same.

Any idea ?

                thak you very  much

Hi Nicolatenente,

Can you provide sample code that can reproduce the problem?

package pack;
public class ClassA {

public String method_1(int x)
int r=-1 ;
r= method_2(x);
return “”+r ;

public int method_2(int x){
return method_3(x);

public int method_3(int x)
System.out.println(" >> this is method_3 ");
return 3;


this is a simple example but it is enough. there is a chain : method_1 -> method_2 ->- method_3

I you try to make a reverse seq_diag by ethod_1 the producted diagram show ::
method_1 ----> method_2

In other words the diag do not continue inside explosion method_2 -> method_3,
I think because is inside the sam class
Note that all methods are public

Hi Nicolatenente,

To avoid producing very large and un-readable sequence diagram, we only reverse selected operation.
But you can right click and select Instant Reverse Java Source on any operation to further reverse.


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it is not correct, becuse this mode (another reverse) view the other methods not inside the caller but after.
I want
m1-------->m2 |------------------> m3


|------------------> m3

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You’re right. I think the correct result should be like that:

Sorry for the issue. We’ll follow up and will keep you informed when it resolved.


Sorry for the delay. We’ve fixed the issue and will keep you informed when patch available.

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I’m waiting this patch


Hi ngald,

I would like to let you know our engineers had deployed a patch which fixed the revere Java code to sequence diagram problem you experienced. Please update your software to latest patch build (v15.0 build 20180315bc or later) to get the problem fixed. Details about how to update the software to latest patch build can be found at

  • Please make sure you have pressed the Update to latest patch button on the left hand side of the dialog right after launching the update program

Feel free to contact me for any questions and wish you have a good day!

Best regards,
Rain Wong

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