Creating A Project With VS2005 And SDE 3.2

SDE build sp2_20060622

I just can’t get the tool to create a project. I create a VS windows app. Select Open SDE-VS from the project node.

The diagram navigator is asking me to open a project.

I have tried importing SDE projects from VS2003. I can see the diagrams in the navigator. When I save the project and re-open, I get the same message in the diagram navigator - Please Open A Project.

This is extremely frustrating, since I need to upgrade my 2003 models to VS2005.


hi leslie,

Have you receive my reply to the ticket you created in response to this problem? I have some questions about your message. Could you clarify a little bit?

Thank you very much!

Best regards,

Yes, I sent a reply last week. Here is the body:

Thank you for your message, and we are sorry for any inconveniences the problem may cause you.

Regarding the problem, we have the following questions…

I have successfully converted some projects from VS 2003 to 2005 and imported them.

How did you convert your .NET projects from VS 2003 to 2005? I doubt if the reference to the SDE-VS project is preserved during the converting.

SDE no longer recognises them as valid projects.

What happened when SDE failed to recognize your projects as valid projects? Did it just start with a blank project? Was there any warning/error messages?

I get the error that SDE-VS only supports C#, or C++ projects.

Which type of .NET project did you create? Could you show me some screenshots about this problem?