Creating associations to model elements in other active views

How do I create a containment (or any other) association between a model element currently appearing on one diagram view, and another model element currently appearing on a different diagram view? If I drag one of the association handles and then attempt to switch views, the operation (creating the association) is immediately terminated.

As a workaround, I have taken to visualizing the desired elements in the view(s) where I need them, creating the associations, and then deleting the elements from the view again. This is a rather pointless and repetitive exercise and I have to assume there is a better, more streamlined approach to doing this.

An additional question on this issue …

Why are Containment associations handled differently from other kinds of associations (e.g. composition)?

Compositions show up as model elements and have specification screens in which the ends can be defined, etc. Containments have no specification screen and do not appear anywhere in the model. They are essentially unmanageable after they’ve been created.

Also, composition associations appear in the “relations” tab when viewing specifications for linked elements. Containment associations do not.

Is this the intended behaviour for Agilian?