Customer Journey new features

Below is a list of improvements that would greatly help us to work on CJ maps. Some of them have already been published on the forum here in separate posts. All improvements came out during our work on the tool and their absence causes a decrease in the efficiency of the tool.

  1. Copy CJ Map
  2. Own template base for CJ and duplicate stages template
  3. Replace person-> now in the tool you can only add new persona
  4. Ability to add description to persona to use persona and description for new CJ Map -> Currently, the description field must be completed each time we use the person in different diagrams as part of the project
  5. The ability to copy the contents of fields
  6. Ability to add description for the title of Stages in CJ Map
  7. The availability to change position of fields displayed on the map
  8. The second case in the fields in CJ Map is to growth number of available characters for the title.
  9. Black dot – now we have impossibility to return to black dot.
  10. The ability of undo change (get back to previous version) for CJ Stages and maps
  11. Ability to change (edit) font size and color
    It would be most useful for us to be able to change the font size for Stage title and the Description field. It would give more space to customize the CJ map.
  12. Defining the global person database. We have a person base that we would like to use in CJ by each project. Now we need create person for each project.

A request to refer to whether any of these functionalities are realistic for implementation in the near future? The tool is very cool but if the team has to create a version of the same map only for different person, the task gets time-consuming without the possibility of copying.
In addition, the maps are not protected against potential changes by other users. The versions are automatically overwritten and there is no versioning.
Mariusz Mi