Customize generated column names in ERD

I am evaluating DB VA for java for use in our project. We are forward engineering tables from object model. Some of features that am looking for are

  1. Currently the tool seems to be generated column names and table names same as field names. We wanted to know if somehow this can be customized to generated upper case names with underscores (like andromda?)
  2. Is there a way to control and customize the dao layer code that is generated.


Hi Rajiv,

Thanks for your post. For your questions:

  1. You can configure how the names of entities and classes, columns and attributes when synchronize between class diagram and entity relationship diagram (ERD), please configure at Tools > Options > ORM (see attached image). You can choose the option to fit your need.

  2. We are sorry that ORM code is not customizable.

Hope these help, please feel free to contact me if there is any further inquiry.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong