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When I’m trying to customize an html report I cant delete the properties section (Bpmn Id , language,show lane header,etc).
Is there any option to create a simple report, just only with the graphics and the description of each process and activities?
It is possible to use templates?



Hi Ttyka,

Thank you for your post. I regret that we do not support this kind of customization at this moment. But I will forward your need to our development team. Perhaps we will support the type of report you need in future. I will inform you if that’s the case.

Sorry about this.

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Is there any way to customize the summary section, in a pdf report, to hide or to not considered the gateways objects.

I’m looking forward for any suggestion.




When I generate a report the activities are exported ordered by the field name. I try to codify the activities like 1.1, 1.2…1.9,1.10, but when I generate the report, the activity 1.1 it’s followed by the activity 1.10 and that’s wrong.
Is there any way to solve this problem?

I’m looking forward for any answer.


Hi Katty,

Thank you for your enquiry. Why do you want to hide the gateway objects in summary section? Please let me know about your point, and we will consider if we can add an option to hide that.

About the ordering of elements, currently, the order follows the naming of the elements. I already forwarded your need to our engineers to consider if we can support ordering by ID. However, this may bit a fit difficult since the ID may not be a number. Instead, it can be a mixture of number and letters. We will investigate if we can support it.

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Hi Jick,

My point, is that I’m thinking in the end-user report. In this case the user only want the diagram and the process documentation like: Activity Name, Description, Responsible of the activity and the information system or the tool that supports the task.
The documentation of the process should be simple and clear as possible. When I generate a report the summary section describes the steps of the process (sorted by id or name) but the gateway object don’t give value-added information in the documentation field.

For example:

1)Task - Send purchase order : In this task the supplier approve and send the purchase order …
2)Gateway - Is the PO 1000 : [What value added information I can describe in this field!! The name of the gateway say everything!! It only breaks the sequence of the tasks group]
3)Task - Receive purchase order : The company receive the purchase order from the supplier… [This should be the line 2 in the generated report…]

Thanks Jick,

pd: The same happens for the rest objects: pool,etc…

Thanks Ttyka,

I will let our engineers know about your need.