Database generation problems with Oracle 10gR2


I’m trying to generate an Oracle 10gR2 database out of my ERD diagram.
When generating it, I switch “Create drop statements” on.

When naming the foreign key constraint and turning on delete restrict on, it issues the following errors:

[09:40:11] [Message] Exporting to database…

[09:40:13] [Error] Error occured during export to database…

[09:40:13] [Error] Error ‘ORA-00905: Schlüsselwort fehlt
’ when executing ‘alter table Rechnungskoepfe add constraint Rechnungsk_Kunden_fkey foreign key (kd_nr) references Kunden on delete Restrict’

[09:40:13] [Error] Setting Quote SQL Identifier option to Auto or Yes may solve this problem.

[09:40:14] [Message] Generate database finish…

What do I have to do to get it functioning?

When will the EJB 3.0 support arrive?

With kind regards

Florian Reiser

Hi Florian,

As a suggestion, please turn on the “Quote SQL Identifier” option in the Database tab of Database Code Generation dialog box, and try again. Besides, could you send me your project file and the DDL file for further investigation? You can send to my Email address at:

We actually already support EJB 3.0. You can design in EJB diagram, and generate EJB code by select Tools > Java Round-Trip > Generate Code… from the menu.

Best regards,


Hello freiser,

We suspect that you have selected “Restrict” for the On delete of a relationship. Since Oracle does not support Restrict, this is most likely the cause of problem. Please consider set it to either Cascade or Set null, and then generate again.

Best regards,


Hello Jick,

thanks for replying so fast.
In fact I have switched on Restrict. I thought of this option as a way to show, that this setting was not overseen. When the actual constraint generation happens, it could be ignored, as restrict is the default setting.

But I will remember this in the future.

With kind regards

Florian Reiser