DDL - add stereotype definition into column/table comment

It would be very handy to have an option of including (optionally only) stereotype definition in the object comments generated in DDL.

The point is that I can use such information to parse DDL comments and adjust partitioning and or generate specific snippets missing in VP.

Context: I do Huawei cloud technologies including DLI (Hive and Apache Carbon), both require specific approach.

FUTURE: In general it will be maybe quite interesting in having some REST/GraphQL api to access anything from entity diagram, for such kind of processing I have to do.

Just type here example of how it might look with stereotypes:

comment on column table.id is 'This is primary key. | <<PartitionKey>>,<<Classified>> <<Apache Carbon>>';

So when I parse the DDL from VP and going to generate DDL for Hive with Apache Carbon support I know I must customize DDL like following:
create table a (column id)
using carbon
partition by id;

classified can be used to extract and generate hashing of business value,encryption,etc.

What do you think, I know this doesn’t sound much generic, but I am not sure how else get this out.

NOTE: Another aproach will be that I will directly connect to TeamServer postgres instance and will extract these information…

My previous solution is quite ugly I think, so forget it.

Question: Does VP has some API interface trough which I can access the DIAGRAM and access all objects including all their properties? It will really help a lot in our case, as we trigger custom actions on different stereotypes and/or tagged values bound to both entities and columns. Is it possible? Thank you for answer.