DDL generation error


I get the following statment in DDL I generate out of my model:

create table dbo.LookupUnitOfMeasure (ID int identity not null, Length bit not null, Width bit not null,
constraint PK__LookupUnitOfMeas__78B3EFCA
primary key (ID));

Two problems:

  1. unexpected text “constraint PK__LookupUnitOfMeas__78B3EFCA”
  2. dbo. prefix (appears only for this table; a minor problem of course)


Hello Tadeusz,

Would you send me the complete DDL file for further studies? Thank you.

Best regards,

Hello Tadeusz,

The two items you talked about are empty, by default. I guess that you got them by reversing your database. Please take a look at the followings:

  1. The PK name in column tab.
  2. The table schema property (inside entity specification)

Hope this helps.

Best regards,