Decorators in CMMN-diagrams


decorators for Tasks, Stages and Milestones (e.g. “Manual Activation Decorator” on exists in CMMN.

How do I activate a decorator in Visual Paradigm in CMMN diagrams?
E.g. how can I place the symbol for “Manual Activation Decorator” on a Task?


Hi Steffen,

Here are the steps to add decorators:

  • After creating a Task Plan Item (e.g. Human Task Plan Item), open its specification.
  • By default “Synchronize with definition” is checked. Uncheck it.
  • The “Item control” field becomes enabled, select “Create Plan Item Control…”.
  • In the Plan Item Control Specification window that pops up, select “Manual Activation Rule” in the “Manual activation rule” field.
  • Click OK to all the pending dialog boxes.

You should be able to see the decorator.

Alternatively, since a plan item is associated with a definition, you can set the item control of a definition using above steps, then later created plan items can associate with this definition, without setting each plan item one by one:

  • Open Model Explorer by pressing Ctrl+Shift-O
  • The definition model element appears in orange, while the plan item appears in green.
  • Use similar steps as above, but this time update the “Default control” of definition not plan item.
  • When later created plan item points to this definition (need to enable by unchecking “Synchronize with definition” first otherwise you cannot set the definition of a plan item), it will inherits the item control properties as decorators.

Hope this helps,


Hi Antony,

thanks a lot.
It works.