Default background colour for all diagrams

Could anyone please advise how to change the default background (of the diagram/page, not elements!) colour for all diagrams for all projects? When I create a new project, I would like all newly created diagrams to have a different background colour than the current default (which is white).


May I know are you referring to VP Online Diagrams, or VP Desktop edition? Thanks.


Hi Antony,
I am referring to the desktop edition.

You can select Window from the main menu, click on Project Options. Type “background” in the filter field, you will find that only Diagramming is left in the category, then you can configure diagram default background color in the Diagram background field under the Appearance tab.


Thank you for your help, Antony! It works like a charm for projects (unfortunately, there seem not to be any equivalent option for changing the default for the application (i.e. for all newly created projects)).

Hi TJK, after you changed the project option, not only any new diagrams created in that project will inherit the default background color, future created projects will also get the default applied as well.

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